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BF 20% Off - Mustard Twistlock Handbag

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A timeless classic handbag for everyday use.

A beautiful quality vegan friendly,  faux leather twistlock handbag! This classy handbag looks contemporary on and will leave you feeling classy, stylish & smart. Features a detachable strap, pockets inside and a slip pocket on the back.

We love it because

We love the faux leather quality that looks like real leather. Choose a bright colour to bring a pop of colour to your outfit or black for a timeless classic. A bag that you can wear everyday or keep for evenings out. 

Fit and Size

A fabulous size bag that fits all your essentials and a little more! 
23cm x 16.5cm x 7cm

strap length 125cm to 137cm

 What its made of and washcare

Vegan friendly faux leather.

wipe clean. 

Seasonal Colour




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